SwiftWall Case Study: Stacked Temporary Construction Barrier at Potawatomi Casino

SwiftWall Case Study: Potawatomi Casino, Carter, WI

Project Overview

Potawatomi Casino, located in Carter, WI, just an hour outside the scenic Green Bay, recently undertook a significant renovation project to enhance its interior space. The project involved the installation of over 150 feet of stacked SwiftWall Pro temporary construction walls, totaling 332 linear feet. The objective was to improve the operational flow and aesthetic appeal of the casino, and SwiftWall was chosen to deliver this transformation.

Installation Details

The general contractor for this project was Greenfire Management Services, who worked closely with the SwiftWall team to ensure a seamless installation process. The project was completed in a week, showcasing the efficiency and ease of SwiftWall’s modular wall systems.

SwiftWall Case Study: Stacked Temporary Walls
SwiftWall Case Study: Stacked Temporary Walls, Potawatomi Casino


If these walls could talk!

Brandon L., from Greenfire Management Services, provided a testimonial reflecting the success of the project: “The installation went smooth. It was all up in about a week. Attached are some photos after installation. The owners are very impressed with the finished product and the impact that it had on operations.”


The new wall installation has significantly enhanced the operational efficiency and visual appeal of Potawatomi Casino. The casino owners are pleased with the results, noting the positive impact on their daily operations. The swift installation minimized downtime, allowing the casino to continue serving its patrons without significant disruption.

The Potawatomi Casino project in Carter, WI, exemplifies SwiftWall Solutions’ commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing modular wall systems. The collaboration with Greenfire Management Services ensured a smooth installation process, resulting in a successful renovation that met the casino’s needs and exceeded expectations.

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