Event venues must be safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. In many cases, they must also be adaptable to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of the parties using the space. 

Those requirements may sometimes be at odds with space limitations, renovations or other unexpected challenges. When that happens, portable walls for temporary art installations, construction concealment and venue modification needs are the ideal solution.

Lightweight, Portable Walls Create a Curated Space for a Gallery or Event

SwiftWall® temporary wall panels are perfect for short-term gallery displays and traveling exhibits. These lightweight, reusable solutions are attractive and simple to set up, with panels measuring up to 10 feet high and 4 feet wide and easily manageable by a single individual. They can also be installed in just hours rather than days, allowing for rapid, secure placement — perfect for a busy venue with limited time frames for setup and layout changes. 

Thanks to their sleek construction, fully contained framework and aluminum track system, modular panel systems from SwiftWall® make excellent museum art gallery walls. The panels are entirely customizable and can incorporate windows, doors and vinyl graphics for marketing, signage or special effects. They also support ready reconfiguration to adapt to changing needs. 

Because SwiftWall® panels offer a sleek, bright surface and are easy to customize, they sometimes become part of the exhibit in their own right — the Tupac Shakur Experience incorporated our panels to portray the celebrated artist’s place in heaven. Our portable gallery walls also became part of the Dopamine Land traveling exhibit, allowing artists to create colorful, premium-quality visuals that could easily be disassembled for transport and reset at the new location.

With their tracked design and sturdy reusable panels, portable art display walls from SwiftWall® create clean, appealing spaces for galleries and events while providing the resilience necessary to protect valuable works. 

How Our Reusable Casino Renovation Barriers Serve Facilities

Temporary wall dividers for events serve many purposes, even when the event isn’t necessarily one meant for the public. Attractive portable barriers work perfectly as casino construction walls, creating clean pathways through a structure while hiding renovations or other large-scale changes that need to stay behind the scenes.

SwiftWall® panel systems have been put to use in some of the world’s best-known entertainment venues, including the Luxor Hotel & Casino and the ARIA Resort & Casino. Our renovation barriers allowed these facilities to maintain a curated guest experience by dampening construction noise, dust and unfinished visuals.

Our wall solutions have also been used to create private massage rooms for athletes, crowd management barriers and storage areas at many prestigious events and entertainment venues.

ARIA Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

SwiftWall Max® panels provided a sleek backdrop between renovations and the rest of the convention center. High ceilings required additional panels to be stacked on top of the 16 ft panels to keep out construction noise and dust.

FireKeepers Casino Hotel
Battle Creek, MI

SwiftWall Pro separated the sounds and mess of construction next to the gaming floor in order to build a new restaurant.

Gun Lake Casino
Wayland, MI
  • Panels stacked to 24 ft high
  • Locking double doors

Stacked SwiftWall Pro panels separated the construction space during expansion and renovation to their gaming floor. A locking set of double doors was used to protect construction equipment and tools.

Meijer LPGA Classic
Grand Rapids, MI
  • 100+ linear ft

SwiftWall Pro created temporary nurseries, changing rooms, and lactation rooms for younger tournament spectators and their caregivers.

Luxor Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

SwiftWall Max was used to isolate construction during the renovation of a new restaurant.

MGM Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

SwiftWall Max provided protection to visitors and patrons while a restaurant within the food court was under renovation, isolating construction from the rest of the area.

Miami Open
Miami, FL
  • 250+ linear ft

SwiftWall Pro was used to create temporary training and massage therapy rooms for professional tennis athletes within Hard Rock Stadium in just two days.

Michigan International Auto Show
Grand Rapids, MI

SwiftWall Pro was used to create an entry way to the show while also providing storage space for patrons, attenders and workers, eliminating construction from being in view of the show.

Monte Carlo Casino
Las Vegas, NV

SwiftWall Max was utilized to separate construction renovation of Subway within the food court of the casino, containing construction dust and debris from the rest of the area.

Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR
  • Crowd management during facility upgrades
  • 1,200 linear ft

Overnight, two general construction workers built a barrier the length of the main concourse to direct traffic into the appropriate available convention spaces and away from current construction.

Silicon Valley Classic
San Jose, CA
  • 240+ linear ft

SwiftWall Pro panels created private massage therapy rooms for athletes during the women’s professional tennis tournament and to create temporary office space for trainers, coaches and other staff.

San Manuel Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Stacked SwiftWall Max panels protected patrons from disrupting their game. Being able to cut custom sizes on site was essential to fit panels around lighting and numerous ceiling obstacles to bring height of the wall to meet the ceiling.

Tupac Shakur Experience
Los Angeles, CA
  • Class A, 12 ft high panels with custom corner radius for reception area
SwiftWall Pro modular panels are the white backdrop simulating “Tupac’s Place in Heaven” within the thought-provoking experience that explores the life and legacy of the acclaimed artist and activist.


Where adding drywall barriers is noisy, dirty, time-consuming and ultimately wasteful when the walls must come down, reusable wall dividers provide a fast, clean solution. Lightweight, portable museum walls offer greater security than pipe and drape barriers and are far more attractive than plywood.

Whether you need to set up a temporary art gallery, keep your patrons out of a construction zone or establish a dedicated space for press conferences, SwiftWall® modular panel systems are the answer. Our reusable products are recyclable, elegant and suitable for 15 or more installations, providing your venue with a sustainable, long-term solution for crowd control and partitioning requirements.

If you need barrier installation that’s simple, fast, clean and done in hours, not days, connect with our team to learn more.

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