Why turn to outdated methods for temporary wall construction? SwiftWall® reusable barriers offer easy installation and takedown for facility renovations, classrooms, job fairs, event barricades and general containment for high schools and college campuses.


Traditionally, many projects relied on drywall and studs, pipe and drape, Visqueen, or plywood to section off areas. These typical approaches to temporary walls for school renovations and events posed several concerns, including:

  • Noise: Excess noise when creating barriers can disturb focus and disrupt the learning environment.
  • Health: Materials that generate dust or absorb too much moisture can ultimately affect student and staff well-being.
  • Safety: Renovation sites need a physical barrier to prevent inadvertent injury to students and staff.
  • Waste: Conventional practices don’t support many facilities’ sustainability initiatives.
  • Access: Some methods don’t provide enough security to limit access to restricted areas.
Hope College


Our customers partner with us for many reasons. Here are four of the most common.

1. It Supports Sustainability

Students today increasingly expect their education facilities to embrace greener practices. Doing so is even more vital for post-secondary institutions, where students may base enrollment decisions on robust sustainability programs. It takes only 70 feet of drywall-and-stud construction to generate 1 ton of landfill waste.

SwiftWall helps eliminate that through robust, reusable modular walls for education projects and events. Our systems can disassemble and reinstall 15 times or more, making them a more eco-friendly alternative.

2. It Looks Elegant

Our panels feature a finished texture and elegant appearance that’s much more pleasing than plywood, Visqueen, or pipe and drape. You can further transform their look with graphics, artwork, your school’s mascot or logo, and other adornments for aesthetics. 

3. It Boosts Safety

SwiftWall’s sturdy design forms a practical physical barrier as school and college construction containment walls. Our systems can effectively contain dust to reduce contamination potential. Plus, SwiftWall’s solutions limit access, keeping students, staff and visitors away from danger or restricted spaces.

4. It Offers Faster Installation

SwiftWall installs up to five times faster than some traditional temporary wall construction methods. As a result, you can place or remove the system quickly and with minimal disruption, even while school is in session.

See Our Solutions in Real-Life Educational Settings

Explore recent campus projects to see how SwiftWall can help you transform or create spaces.

Central High School
Grand Rapids, MI
Hope College
Holland, MI
Lakeview High School
Battle Creek, MI
Oakland University
Rochester, NY
Central High School
Grand Rapids, MI
  •  160+ linear ft
  • Multiple reuses by the construction company

SwiftWall was used to construct 10 temporary offices for use during school renovations.

Hope College
Holland, MI
  • 80+ linear ft

Kitchen construction in one of the cafeterias required the use of SwiftWall Pro®  to separate the kitchen from the common area.

Lakeview High School
Battle Creek, MI

SwiftWall Pro®  was installed in two buildings in the Lakeview School District to build four temporary classrooms within the library and cafeteria areas. COVID-19 restrictions required classroom sizes to be smaller. SwiftWall panels quickly and simply accommodated their need for additional classrooms.

Oakland University
Rochester, MI
  • Multi-phase project
  • 1,000+ linear ft

SwiftWall Pro was utilized to separate construction spaces from common areas to allow students and faculty to proceed with normal operations during multiple building additions and renovations.


Whether you need college renovation dust barriers or extra school classroom space, SwiftWall is the solution. We’ve been helping campuses nationwide successfully carry out events or renovations cleaner, faster and less wastefully since 2014.



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