Retail facilities present a unique challenge in that they require periodic updates to keep up with the times — and performing those updates can be costly on multiple levels without a crowd control solution that lets a store keep its doors open. Storefront barricades and construction barriers allow retail stores to guide their foot traffic and keep dust and construction noise hidden away so they can continue operating during a renovation project.

Walls for Dust Containment in Shopping Centers

Construction and renovation projects come with certain hazards. They generate debris, often require power tools and involve multiple crew members working together in a fast-paced environment. With those risks, a work site is not the place for bystanders, so an establishment that’s already open and wants to add to or update its structure must either close down — and lose revenue — or find a way to keep customers out of the construction zone.

On top of the potential liability issues associated with work sites, most patrons have high expectations for stores, especially those in shopping malls. These retail establishments often provide a curated experience with brand-specific visuals, sounds and even smells. The noise and chaos of a construction project are very much at odds with that tailored aesthetic. That’s why dust containment walls in a retail setting are the perfect solution for operations that want to maintain their store’s cultivated look and feel while adding to or renovating the current layout.

Retail remodeling barriers from SwiftWall® don’t just make the work zone inaccessible to customers — they make it disappear. These attractive, sustainable construction barriers for shopping centers present a smooth, finished-look wall that completely hides ongoing renovations while keeping dust, debris and excess noise out of shopping areas. They also allow customizations like vibrant vinyl graphics to promote the updated experience after construction is finished.

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The Benefits of Shoppable Construction Barriers

SwiftWall® reusable modular panel systems feature lightweight, portable panels that can easily be moved and set up by a single worker. These panels fit into an aluminum track to create a sturdy, seamless wall with an aesthetically appealing finish. SwiftWall® modular retail wall solutions have been used by Mercedes dealerships, Coach outlets, the Apple Store and many other establishments that demand premium visuals for their retail operations. 

To make SwiftWall® barricades even more appealing, our containment solutions are highly sustainable. We use recycled materials and continually reincorporate past products to create a solution that keeps nearly 100% of waste out of landfills. Modern consumers are more cognizant than ever of businesses’ commitment to environmental responsibility, and using our retail wall products is just one more way to prove that you share their values. You can reuse these panels multiple times to cut waste and see an excellent return on your investment. 

SwiftWall® panels come in multiple heights to fit virtually any store configuration and finish requirement.

See Our Solutions in Retail Walls Settings

Explore recent campus projects to see how SwiftWall can help you transform or create spaces.

Airstream Dealer
Ft. Worth, TX

Airstream needed to create a showroom to showcase new products to customers. They utilized SwiftWall®’s clear panels to create a barrier between viewers and the products themselves. A loft was also created to accommodate more into the showroom. 

  • 160+ linear ft

SwiftWall was used to create a temporary exhibit for Coach for their spring product launch. Graphics were installed to provide information about the various products. These walls were leased for one week.

Apple Store
Grand Rapids, MI
  • Branded wall panels
  • 65 linear ft
  • 30 ft height
  • Retail security during construction

Apple was able to make an enticing splash to the construction process with a black, glossy vinyl graphic applied to the exterior surface of SwiftWall panels. With the building flexibility and height capability of SwiftWall, the entire storefront, including signage, was left for a big unveiling in true Apple fashion, taking the “store coming soon” to another level entirely.

Big Bear Arena
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

SwiftWall Pro was used to replace cloth wall dividers due to its durability, cleanliness, configurability and aesthetic. The cloth walls needed to be replaced due to COVID-19 regulations requiring they must be able to be cleaned.

  • 180 locations
  • 90-day roll out
  • 4,000 linear ft

Space utilization and merchandising was critical for JCPenney’s new growth strategy. Partnering with SwiftWall allowed for an extremely fast realignment of their product offerings in existing environments.


SwiftWall Pro was used to isolate the construction of a Sephora makeup booth within a Kohl’s retail store. SwiftWall was able to provide a dust and sound barrier for both construction teams and shopping customers.

Chicago, IL
  • Multi-phase 11-month project
  • 250 linear ft averaging 14 ft high

Macy’s needed a fast, almost invisible division and fully operational construction site for almost an entire year, with the ability to change to the dynamic needs of the construction work.

Meijer Corporate
Grand Rapids, MI
  • 90+ linear ft

Meijer was renovating the main lobby of their corporate office and utilized SwiftWall to provide a dust and sound barrier from construction.

Meijer Retail Stores
  • 85 locations over 5 years
  • 1,000 linear ft

This dynamic and industry leading customer retailer made SwiftWall modular panels their new standard temporary tenant space barricade between leases in their retail stores. In addition, they were used in several full store renovations, separating the construction space from the customer experience, maintaining the optimal environment with the least disruption to the desired environment or impact to sales.

Mercedes Dealer
Columbus, OH
  • 80+ linear ft
The dealership was undergoing renovations and needed to block off construction space from the display room. Because Mercedes Benz has a reputation for having very high-end vehicles, the walls needed to fit the aesthetic of the dealership, which SwiftWall was able to accommodate while providing a sound and dust barrier during construction.
Orange Park Mall
Grand Rapids, MI
  • 48 linear ft

Graphics were printed directly onto the panel to highlight the mall and block off space of an empty storefront.

  • 200+ linear ft

SwiftWall was used to separate construction space from the remainder of the store during a store remodel. By using SwiftWall, Walmart was able to separate their construction and provide a dust barrier for the rest of the store while maintaining a clean aesthetic for customers during normal operations. 200+ linear feet of wall was installed in one business day. Walmart also had changes to plans, and due to SwiftWall’s simple configurability, they were able to accommodate changes very quickly.


Give customers in your retail establishment a premium experience when you use SwiftWall® dust containment walls to conceal renovation and construction projects. These barriers let your employees and patrons breathe easy in a peaceful environment while you’re updating your facility, without the costly lost opportunities of downtime. 

For more on SwiftWall® retail store construction barriers, reach out to our team to discuss your needs. 

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