Sustainable temporary walls

SwiftWall® is committed to providing greener, safer, sustainable and reusable
solutions to transform the temporary wall and construction barrier industry.

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12.7+ million pounds of waste
eliminated from landfills since 2017.
What’s better than recycling? Reusing.

Historically, SwiftWall panels are reused 4+ times, with our earliest customers reusing the same wall system 15+ times. SwiftWall modular wall systems can be reconfigured into various layouts to be reused again and again. And because the system components are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, material waste is minimized and on-site air quality is preserved.

Compare that with 12% waste created during drywall installation1, not to mention the 100% waste created when drywall barriers are eventually removed and disposed of after project completion. In fact, used drywall creates waste in our landfills – one ton for every 70 feet of wall.

SwiftWall systems are also prefabricated from eco-friendly materials, so if a panel ever becomes damaged, much of it can be recycled. For example, our SwiftWall Max system is over 90% recyclable, cradle-to-cradle.