Demising Wall vs Partition Wall: Choosing the Right Solution

Demising Wall vs Partition Wall: Choosing the Right Solution

When it comes to designing and constructing interior spaces, both demising walls and partition walls play significant roles in dividing spaces. But what, exactly, are the differences between a demising wall vs a partition wall.

Let’s take a close look at what a demising wall is, what a partition wall is, and how the two compare.

What is a Demising Wall?

A demising wall—sometimes referred to as a separation wall, shared wall, or party wall—is a simple concept: it is the wall that separates two tenants from one another in the same building. Essentially any building with more than one tenant has a demising wall to separate them.

Are Demising Walls and Standard Interior Walls the Same Thing?

A demising wall is not just an interior wall. In fact, because they separate tenants, they are given more attention to the standard interior walls. Although demising walls do not need to be sheathed and cladded, they are required to be stronger than interior walls.

For example, they should be built thicker, decoupled to achieve a high STC rating, and designed as firewalls to protect tenants from one another. 

What is a Partition Wall?

A partition wall is a wall that divides a larger area into two spaces, temporarily, so that can be better used. 

For example, healthcare facilities routinely rely on partition walls for these purposes, optimizing their space by creating new “rooms” within larger rooms to better meet their occupancy needs.

Schools are another example, which often use partition walls to create room in larger areas fro special special events, such as science and book fairs.

Modern partition systems like those from SwiftWall are excellent for these purposes, providing durable yet easy-to-install modular wall partition systems with sleek panels that can be used aesthetically. The systems can readily be packed away and stored or repurposed as they can be used many times over.

Partition Wall Products From Swiftwall®

Now that we know the differences between a demising wall vs partition wall systems, here are a few examples of Swiftwall®’s temporary wall solutions:

SwiftWall® Pro

SwiftWall’s flagship product, SwiftWall® Pro is the go-to partition system for the construction of temporary walls. The system includes multiple standard panel heights: 4, 8, 10, 12 and 16 ft (by 4 ft wide) that can be stacked to any height and aluminum joiners for fast, easy, and a durable installation. 

They can easily be cut to size and feature an STC21 sound rating to keep noise down. The non-hygroscopic ABS, textured finish on both sides of the wall provides an elegant appearance, features Class C flame spread rating with optional Class A aluminum skins, and can even have graphics added if required.

SwiftWall® Pro can be reconfigured quickly and offers 20+ reuses before being recycled.

SwiftWall Flex

an image of the SwiftWall® Flex partition wall solution

With all of the benefits of SwiftWall Pro, SwiftWall Flex features an adjustable panel height system with up to 2.75 ft of adjustment on standard height panels (starting at 7.5, 10, and 12 ft high). SwiftWall Flex panels are manufactured with non-hygroscopic materials that do not absorb or retain moisture, and can attain an ICRA Class V rating—perfect for use in sensitive projects like healthcare facilities.

SwiftWall Max

an image of the SwiftWall® Max partition wall solution

For the strongest temporary wall system, SwiftWall Max features non-porous, non-combustible, weather resistant marine aluminum panels with standard heights of 8 and 10 ft by 2 ft wide. This system is highly engineered for load-bearing applications, including wind and seismic applications.

SwiftWall Lite

an image of the SwiftWall® Lite partition wall solution

For an economic partition system, SwiftWall offers SwiftWall Lite. Although it can certainly meet many needs during construction, this is a great system for use as a durable, easily installed partition system for applications seeking to optimize space in their facilities.

For the Best in Partition Walls, Work with SwiftWall

Whether you’re looking to partition rooms in your facility or optimize your construction projects with the best in modern temporary wall systems, SwiftWall has the solution for you. 

Contact our experts today and we’ll take a look at your unique needs and find the best system for you.


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