SwiftWall® Welcomes Stratus Retail Services as New Rental Partner in the NYC Area

Swiftwall retail partner

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, September 21, 2023 —

SwiftWall®, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable temporary wall systems, is excited to announce the addition of Stratus Retail Services as a new rental partner. Stratus Retail Services, a well-established player in the retail construction and store fixture delivery and installation sector, will join forces with SwiftWall® to enhance their capabilities in delivering local products and services to customers in the New York City area.

“We are very excited for Stratus Retail Services in the New York City area to join the SwiftWall® team,” says Zach Cesa, SwiftWall’s Director of Growth and Innovation. “This rental partnership enhances our ability to provide local products and services for our customers. A partner in the New York City area allows us to efficiently meet the increasing demand for our products while maintaining the high standards of customer service that SwiftWall® is known for.”

Since its inception in 2008, Stratus Retail Services has earned a reputation as a valued partner among prominent national retailers. With a primary focus on retail construction and store fixture delivery and installation, the company has continually evolved to adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape. Stratus Retail Services boasts a team of dedicated coordinators and crews who possess a deep understanding of the specific demands of the retail industry. Their extensive experience encompasses a wide range of retail environments, including flagship stores, malls, and specialty stores.

One of the key factors that sets Stratus Retail Services apart is their commitment to competitive pricing without compromising on quality. This approach has enabled them to maintain enduring partnerships with leading companies in the retail industry. Their national presence is rooted in a localized approach, ensuring that every project, whether in a flagship store or a small department, receives the attention to detail that has a direct impact on business success.

By joining forces with SwiftWall®, Stratus Retail Services is poised to further elevate their offerings and provide comprehensive solutions to their clients’ temporary wall system needs. SwiftWall’s cutting-edge products combined with Stratus Retail Services’ deep industry expertise and local presence create a formidable partnership that promises to deliver exceptional value to clients across the New York City area.

For more information about SwiftWall® and Stratus Retail Services, please visit swiftwall.com and www.retailinstall.co.

About SwiftWall®

SwiftWall® is a trailblazer in modern construction solutions, providing innovative products that redefine the way buildings are designed and constructed. Founded in mid-Michigan in 2014, SwiftWall® manufactures modular wall systems in the USA that can be quickly and cleanly assembled to divide and separate space during construction or to create new temporary or extended-use spaces, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. SwiftWall® systems are assembled in a matter of minutes or hours and can be easily removed, reconfigured, and reused multiple times.

About Stratus Retail Services

Since 2008, Stratus Retail Services has been a trusted partner for national retailers, specializing in retail construction and store fixture delivery and installation. With a focus on quality, affordability, and tailored solutions, Stratus Retail Services continues to lead in an ever-evolving retail landscape.


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