SwiftWall® Temporary Modular Panels Now Available on BIMobject.com

Parametric modeling enables faster and simpler building designs

MIDLAND, MI, February 9, 2022 – SwiftWall®, a manufacturer of reusable modular panel systems, recently launched their temporary modular panel products through bimobject.com, a global marketplace for architects, contractors and engineers to find digital replicas of specific products for their designs. Through BIMobject.com, architects and engineers can quickly access technical data and downloadable Revit files for the SwiftWall® Max, SwiftWall® Pro and SwiftWall® Lite modular panel systems, saving time and money.

“The use of BIM objects makes it easy for architects to choose building materials from different manufacturers to include in their specifications and designs,” said Hassan Anifowose, architect and BIM specialist for SwiftWall®. “We’re making it possible for architects and contractors to include temporary barriers during the construction process from the earliest design phase. Because of the parametric modeling capability of BIM objects, design changes can be made in minutes, versus the hours to make those same changes by hand.

“This equals substantial savings of both time and money,” added Anifowose, who cited a 300% efficiency increase when parametric modeling was used on a recent airport reconstruction project.

The decision to offer products through BIM came after months of market research with architectural firms and contractors. “We discovered a pain point for both architects and general contractors because temporary construction barricades often are not clearly defined or established within the design phase,” said Joe Asiala, SwiftWall® co-founder and CEO. “By using SwiftWall® BIM objects, temporary walls can easily be included and specified right into the initial design and adjustments to the design can be made in minutes throughout the construction project.”

BIM downloads and specs can be found at bimobject.com, ARCAT.com, or on our website here.

About SwiftWall®

Founded in mid-Michigan in 2014, SwiftWall® manufactures modular wall systems in the USA that can be quickly and cleanly assembled to divide and separate space during construction or to create new temporary or extended-use spaces, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. SwiftWall® systems are assembled in a matter of minutes or hours and can be easily removed, reconfigured and reused multiple times. For more information and how-to videos, visit SwiftWall.com.


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SwiftWall® offers temporary walls and construction barriers that provide a simple, quick and sustainable alternative to drywall.
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