Dealer Spotlight: Stratus Retail Services Showcases Exceptional Expertise in Macy’s Retail Renovation Project

Stratus Retail Services Macy's Retail Renovation Project

Stratus Retail Services, a key rental partner of SwiftWall’s temporary wall system, recently completed an impressive retail renovation project at Macy’s in Manhasset NY and Macy’s Roosevelt Field NY stores, transforming the retail  Women’s and Kids departments. This project not only showcased their expertise in comprehensive retail renovation but also highlighted the innovative use of the SwiftWall construction barricade system.

Project Overview

Stratus Retail Services led the charge as the general contractor, providing a range of services from demolition to the final touches of millwork and fixture installation.

Scope of Work

The scope of work was extensive, encompassing the installation of SwiftWall temporary construction barricades, demolition of existing structures, new flooring, electrical work, painting, and the installation of a full millwork and fixture package. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless and efficient renovation process.

Duration and Execution

Each phase of the project was completed within a remarkable 4-week timeframe. This efficiency is a testament to Stratus Retail Services’ meticulous planning and execution capabilities.

The SwiftWall System

A standout feature of this project was the use of the SwiftWall Pro temporary construction barricade system. Senior-level management at Macy’s, along with other companies working in the store, were particularly impressed by the modern and clean aesthetics of SwiftWall. Its superiority over traditional stud and drywall constructed barricades was evident. The success of this project has sparked interest from various companies, showcasing Stratus Retail Services’ capability to lead and innovate in retail space renovations.

The completion of the renovation at Macy’s by Stratus Retail Services marks another milestone in their journey of delivering exceptional retail renovation services. Their use of the SwiftWall temporary construction barricade system not only enhanced the efficiency of the project but also set a new standard in construction aesthetics.

For those interested in learning more about the SwiftWall temporary construction barricade system or seeking top-tier retail renovation services, Stratus Retail Services stands ready to bring their expertise to your next project.


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