SwiftWall Case Studies

• 85 Locations
• Over 5 years
• 1000 Linear Feet of SwiftWall

This dynamic and industry leading customer retailer discovered our innovative system through a Huntington Bank, an early adopter of SwiftWall and made SwiftWall their new standard temporary tenant space barricade in between leases in their retail stores.

In addition, they continued to utilize the green SwiftWall technology of temporary walls in several full store renovations, separating the construction space from the customer experience, maintaining the optimal environment with the least disruption to the desired environment or impact to sales.

Supermarket Temporary Construction Wall

• 180 Locations
• 90 day roll out
• 4000 Linear Feet of SwiftWall

JC Penny is on the leading edge of revitalizing and optimizing the traditional department store. In the largest roll out of SwiftWall to date, JC Penny partnered with SwiftWall to install the green temporary partitions in all locations where space utilization and merchandising was critical in their new growth strategy.

SwiftWall’s temporary wall technology immediately impacted return on the current real estate investment. This allowed for an extremely fast realignment of their product offering in the existing environments customers were already comfortable in. Installed in a day or two without disruption to the customer’s shopping experience Swiftwall was the right solution at the right time.

Department Story Temporary Construction Walls

• Branded Wall Panels
• 65 Linear Feet of Wall 30′ High
• Retail security during construction

The standard in brand recognition, Apple chose SwiftWall for their new retail location in the fast-growing Grand Rapids market. Not only did it have the innovation and simplicity expected from their own brand, but the engineered surface materials to apply a black, glossy vinyl graphic to the entire exterior, they were able to make an enticing splash to the construction process.

With the building flexibility and height capability of SwiftWall, the entire storefront, including signage, was left for a big unveiling in true Apple fashion. Taking the “store coming soon” to another level entirely

Temporary Walls for New Apple Store

• FEMA Operations St. Croix, USVI
• Temporary Offices & Conference Spaces
• 200 Linear Feet of SwiftWall Security Panels with Secure Windows & Doors

There is no higher honor than being able to help others in need and being given the opportunity to partner with FEMA in St. Croix, as they work day a night helping the local communities to recover from one of the worst hurricanes on record, was the most rewarding contribution to date for SwiftWall.

The Response and Logistics team needed a quick, simple way to create private and distinct offices for conducting business. Then, when necessary, take down and move to the next locatio. SwiftWall responded with what are now called SwiftKits, fully operational and ready to go Office and Conference Room kits, complete with 3/8’ thick Lexan windows with our powder coated aluminum frames and matching tamper proof fasteners. These secure and manipulatable systems adapt to the unpredictable retail, commercial and available remaining spaces post disaster typically utilized by FEMA.

• Axle Manufacturing Facility
• 2 Day Installation
• Industrial Segmentation

When installing a new fabrication line and updating a constantly changing manufacturing facility, GM brought in SwiftWall to build a floor to ceiling separation from the occupied operational production facility and the construction space. The goal is always to minimize downtime, because time is money and SwiftWall installed quickly and easily to provide the perfect solution to segment GM’s large industrial plant.

Manufacturing Temporary Walls

• West Virginia Manufacturing Plant
• 3 Day Installation
• 92 Linear Feet of 10′ High SwiftWall

Toyota needed a confidential manufacturing setting inside one of their largest powertrain plants in the US. SwiftWall was invited in with its unique temporary wall panel system and flexibility. The ability to remove individual panels and provide 8’ wide double doors allowed Toyota to re-locate large equipment and materials in and out as need. All the while no permanent structure was needed to be built.

New prototype production lines and space intended for constant reconfiguration was the goal and Swiftwall built a temporary enclosure and space for just that.

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant
• 6 Phase Project
• 500+ Linear Feet

Cleanability is one of SwiftWall’s unique values in a temporary wall or barrier. When it comes to construction, cleaning is a necessary task and debris is an unavoidable risk, especially in certain manufacturing environments. Pharmaceuticals is top of that list. Building a traditional wall where sawing, sanding, painting and eventually demolition is needed is not an option.

SwiftWall was that perfect solution for one of the largest general contractors in the US., Walbridge, also an early adopter of SwiftWall, Walbridge knew the value of our technology and implemented a multiphase install of SwiftWall for the project. It separated their bid from the competition and we believe ultimately secured the project for our partnership.

Clean Temporary Walls

• Macy’s Downtown Chicago
• Multi-phase 11 month project
• 250 Linear Feet averaging 14′ High

One of the nation’s leading construction firms and the nation’s most well-known retailer, Macy’s, brought to SwiftWall one of our most visible projects to date in the Marshall Field’s Building downtown Chicago, Macy’s.

This is where we shine. Fashion focused, high revenue location, multi-use building, brand flagship, high end public store/space with extensive traffic major construction renovation requirements. They needed a fast, almost invisible division and fully operational construction site for almost an entire year, with the ability to change to the dynamic needs of the construction work.

Retail Temporary Construction Wall

• Michigan State Capital, Lansing MI
• Multi-phase, Multi-year Project
• 200+ Linear Feet

Historical restoration is one of those markets that we want to be a part of whenever possible. As an organization with a culture of investing in our community any time we can contribute or be a part of maintaining the literal building blocks of this country, we are all in.

The unique needs of a multiphase restoration construction project made SwiftWall perfect for the Christman Company’s project at our State Capital. Dividing hallways, tucking under and around historic architecture, creating a clean and safe environment for our elected officials and maintaining the majestic environment for school children on tour, SwiftWall delivers a solution unavailable by any traditional temporary wall.

Temporary Construction Wall

• Multi-phase, Multi-year project
• Over 40,000 Sq. ft. of SwiftWall
• SwiftWall Temporary Walls Repositioned Quickly

Nearly every airport in the nation is under renovation and expansion. Gerald R. Ford in Grand Rapids is no exception. This ideal application for the reusability and flexibility of SwiftWall allows all the general contractors to move and adapt the system as needed throughout the many phases of the extensive project.

In a matter of hours, a small team of 2-3 people uninstall and reinstall walls for the necessary security and separation from a fully function airport to constitute the tight timeline and ever-changing targets of a major airport enhancement project. New signage, new entrances and pathways allow business, employees of the airlines, and travelers to enjoy uninterrupted use of the facility and provide the airport an opportunity to advance it’s offering into the future.

Airport Temporary Walls

• Oakland Michigan Campus
• 2 Day Installation
• Non-Hygroscopic Temporary Rooms

Education comes first for this customer and when construction was necessary Oakland University chose SwiftWall for the separation between all the needed and still occupied food service, student and administrative spaces during facility renovation and reconfiguration.

When the unexpected happened and the construction space flooded, yikes, SwiftWall, which doesn’t absorb moisture was easily removed and reinstalled when the space dried out to continue the project, no wasted and thrown away traditional drywall, plywood, or lumber.

SwiftWall Temporary Rooms at Oakland Univserity

• Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR
• Crowd management during facility upgrades
• 1200 Linear Feet of SwiftWall

Overnight two men built a SwiftWall the length of the main concourse to direct traffic into the appropriate available convention spaces and away from current construction.

This 12’ free standing wall used our unique panel kick back system to provide a simple solution where all other bracing to the current infrastructure was undesirable. The available flexibility and speed of SwiftWall allows for any space to be cordon off or divided up at any time with the clean and finished look of a finished painted wall. Oregon Convention Center optimized the value their facility offers to event management customers

Conference Temporary Walls