The Solution to Harmful Construction Dust

Construction Dust Hazards: Protecting with Temporary Walls

Construction sites are known for being dusty. Various particles and fumes can enter the air during construction processes, creating a hazardous environment for those in the area, including those just passing by. If you’re starting a new construction project or one is already underway, learning how to limit dust contamination should be one of your primary concerns.

What Is Construction Dust and How Is It Caused?

Construction dust refers to the particles or dust in the area created by construction work and materials. Construction involves various materials, including wood, plastic, metal, concrete and sand. Whether teams are sanding wood, drilling holes or moving equipment across dirt paths, various construction tasks can create a dusty atmosphere on the work site and the surrounding area.

When these particles enter the air, passersby can inhale them, creating the potential for health problems. Exposure to these particles can cause acute respiratory conditions and asthma or allergy flare-ups. Long-term exposure to construction particles can cause someone to develop severe health conditions, such as lung cancer, acute respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, pneumoconiosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Preventing construction dust at the worksite is essential to eliminate the dangers of construction dust and keep the surrounding community safe.

What Environments Are Prone to Construction Dust?

Some construction environments are more prone to dust and particles than others. For example, projects that require cutting materials will release plenty of dust in the air. Grinding concrete can also create dust harmful to people passing by the construction site. Anything you sand, saw, crush or mill can release harmful particles into the air, which applies to most construction sites.

Some environments that are prone to construction dust include:

  • Airports
  • Health care facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing

Generally, dust can occur anywhere there’s construction. Ideally, you’ll want to protect the local community no matter what type of construction project you’re dealing with, whether in an airport, retail store or warehouse.

The Solution to Containing Construction Dust

If you’re looking for solutions for construction containment, look no further than SwiftWall’s temporary construction containment walls. Our containment walls are a clean, reusable temporary wall solution to help limit dust contamination outside the worksite through negative pressure, protecting the health of those in the general vicinity, such as airport passengers or hospital patients. You can start construction or demolitions and complete renovations cleanly without worrying about dust and particles spreading outside the construction area and into the clean environment, reducing the risk of health problems for people near your construction worksite.

Our walls are easy to configure, so you can create a safe space for workers and people in the surrounding area. You can choose SwiftWalls with temporary windows or doors for easy access and ventilation, allowing for adequate airflow without contaminating the air. SwiftWalls are an excellent way to improve the community’s safety without wasting time or labor installing traditional drywall.

We offer four different types of SwiftWall products to suit your needs, but they each have common characteristics, including:

  • Reliable durability
  • Easy installation
  • Quick reconfiguration
  • Recyclable materials
  • Stackable height
  • Reusability

The SwiftWall can be the perfect temporary solution for your next project to contain construction dust.

When to Use Our Walls: Construction Dust Hazards

When to Use Our Walls

Our walls are ideal for numerous construction scenarios, but they work extremely well for any construction job where dust may become a problem. Some instances where you can use SwiftWalls include:

  • Airports: The SwiftWall creates a distinct barrier with a clean finish. The wall also creates a sound barrier, allowing you to work on your project without disturbing airport operations on the other side of the wall.
  • Construction: Most construction sites produce dust, so our walls can help you contain the area and reduce air contamination outside the workspace. You can also increase your revenue, lower labor costs and eliminate waste by using SwiftWalls.
  • Education: Many educational institutions make renovations, and the SwiftWall can help you create a barrier to prevent air contamination so those renovations can happen cleanly. You can install and take down the walls in just a few hours, too.
  • Health care: If you’re expanding a health care facility or making renovations, our walls will come in handy. You can easily isolate the construction environment and reduce air contamination in a sensitive area by constructing SwiftWalls.
  • Retail: Whether you’re constructing a new retail store, renovating or changing designs, SwiftWalls can help you create a temporary barricade.

If your construction project can potentially create dust, you should consider using the SwiftWall to prevent air contamination and preserve the health of passersby.

The Benefits of Choosing SwiftWall

There are many benefits to choosing SwiftWall for your next construction project.

Customers can reuse their SwiftWalls four or more times, and some of our earliest customers were able to use their SwiftWall product as many as 15 times. You can reconfigure the SwiftWall modular wall system to fit the layout of your job, allowing you to change the configuration for your next project.

Our system is prefabricated in our warehouse, giving you peace of mind that your product is high quality from the start and allowing you to preserve on-site air quality and minimize waste. Our products are clean alternatives to drywall, and you can recycle the aluminum components when you’re finished using them. While other components of our products aren’t completely recyclable just yet, we routinely salvage old panels for reuse in new panels. Sustainability is one of our key benefits, helping you stand out as an eco-friendly contractor and project manager.

Other benefits of the SwiftWall include:

  • Quicker installation than drywall and studs
  • Lightweight materials that are durable and easy to handle
  • Multiple panel heights you can stack to any height to suit your project
  • Can cut to size without making a significant mess
  • Equipped with aluminum joints for durable and quick installation
  • Creates an elegant and finished appearance

We have four product options to suit your needs, each with unique benefits. For example, our SwiftWall Max has all the benefits above and is also weather-resistant paneling, non-combustible, load-bearing and more. You can browse our products today to determine which SwiftWall would be best for your next project.

Choose SwiftWall to Reduce Construction Dust

Choose SwiftWall to Reduce Construction Dust

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to construction dust to improve the safety of those around your site, SwiftWall is an excellent choice. On top of reducing construction dust, our walls can also help you reconfigure space accordingly in various settings. Unlike drywall, the SwiftWall is an affordable, temporary and clean solution for your construction site.

Our team is filled with innovative leaders dedicated to helping make creating or changing a space simple and effective. We can help you revolutionize a space without producing as much waste and increasing your sustainability. Contact us today with your project details to learn more about how we can help!


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