SwiftWall® Success Stories: Real Clients, Real Results

SwiftWall Success Stories: Client Testimonials & Results

SwiftWall® temporary wall and barricade systems are changing how construction and renovation projects achieve their goals by optimizing traditional workflows. Dust and debris control is too often an oversight that costs time and money and produces unnecessary waste. SwiftWall® systems work to keep dust and debris contained without the need to buy materials to build stud and drywall temporary walls. 

Let’s look at a number of case studies where SwiftWall® temporary wall and barricade systems were used to assist a variety of businesses stay clean and operational during renovation.

Airport Case Studies

Airports always seem to be under construction or renovation, especially the busiest airports. Considering that airport functionality centers around passenger flow and effective staff processes, any disturbance due to renovations can quickly deoptimize your operation. SwiftWall® is a game-changing technology that has been employed by the busiest airports in the U.S. to maintain optimal operation even while renovations are ongoing.

Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport has seen a major increase in traffic due to the region’s population and subsequent economic growth. Alongside Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver is now a hub for the exponential increase in shipping as its location mid-country allows freight delivery at another terminal within the nation’s expanded distribution channels. To meet this depend, a substantial multi-year, multi-phased renovation project is underway. 

SwiftWall® construction barriers were deployed extensively in the Great Hall and the Jeppesen Terminal to enhance operations and optimize passenger flow. SwiftWall® Max and Pro lines were specifically selected for tasks such as enclosing the installation of a triple escalator, creating interim ticketing spaces, facilitating the installation of curbside check-in escalators, reimagining the United Club experience, and various other applications throughout the duration of the project.

Los Angeles International Airport

Alongside Denver, LAX continues to be a top 5 airport hub for the U.S. To continue meeting demand, renovation projects are underway that will not inhibit operations and passenger flow. 

Numerous SwiftWall® barriers were strategically positioned across LAX terminals to ensure the safety of passengers during ongoing construction upgrades. Vibrant graphics adorn many of these panels that showcase activities behind the scenes or guide passengers seamlessly through the airport. 

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The busiest airport in America, ATL serves an extremely important role. To keep such a behemoth operation going, passenger flow is a critical component that must continually be optimized, including necessary renovations. As part of a recent airport expansion, SwiftWall® Pro was used to create barriers at ATL to protect travelers while the escalators were under construction.

Education Case Studies

Education facilities are another scenario where shutting down for renovations and new construction isn’t an option. Even in summer months when school mostly shuts down, there isn’t enough time to get projects underway and completed in a timely manner. 

SwiftWall® temporary wall systems are a great solution to keep construction separated from classes and activities, and can also be used as temporary dividers to modulate spaces while construction teams complete their projects. 

Lakeview High School – Battle Creek, MI

Lakeview High School - Battle Creek, MI

SwiftWall® Pro was implemented in two structures within the Lakeview School District to create four temporary classrooms within the library and cafeteria spaces. Due to COVID-19 restrictions necessitating smaller classroom sizes, SwiftWall panels efficiently and easily fulfilled the requirement for additional classroom space.

Oakland University – Rochester, MI

Oakland University - Rochester, MI

With over 1,000 feet of linear temporary wall needs, a multi-phase project at Oakland University in Rochester, MI employed SwiftWall® Pro to separate construction spaces from common areas that enabled students and faculty to continue with regular operations during various building additions and renovations.

Healthcare Case Studies

When renovating busy healthcare facilities, facility and construction managers must work in tandem to guarantee that operations are not disrupted. More than that, many situations involve areas that must absolutely be kept clean and sterile; it’s not an option. SwiftWall® modular systems, specifically SwiftWall® Flex, a temporary wall system capable of creating an airtight seal in order to keep hospitals running so patients’ care can remain paramount.

Sozo Pediatrics – Lancaster, OH

Sozo Pediatrics - Lancaster, OH

In response to a surge in patient numbers, SwiftWall® Pro was employed at Sozo Pediatrics in Lancaster, OH to establish a temporary examination room. This enabled clinic doctors to attend to a higher volume of patients without the need for expansion or relocation to another facility.

Senior Services Sanford Activity & Dining Center – Midland, MI

Senior Services Sanford Activity & Dining Center - Midland, MI

Following a car accident that caused damage to the side of the building, the Sanford Senior Center opted for SwiftWall®Flex to set up a temporary barrier. This protective measure shielded the interior from external construction and renovation activities, and prevented dust, debris, and natural elements from infiltrating the facility to preserve a clean and polished appearance. In need of a swift emergency solution, the Sanford Senior Center successfully installed the Flex wall in less than two hours.

Carolinas Medical Center – Charlotte, NC

Carolinas Medical Center - Charlotte, NC

A negative pressure chamber was established with SwiftWall® Max to isolate construction activities from the rest of the hospital and ensure the safety of patients and healthcare workers by preventing the spread of dust and debris.

Retail Case Studies

The economic impact to retail stores undergoing renovation and new construction can be severe if customers are unable to access products and services. Retail environments lean heavily on aesthetics as well, which means that traditional temporary wall systems will be a step down to the desired design. SwiftWall® temporary wall systems not only offer retailers an effective, aesthetically-pleasing temporary wall solution, they can also be used to modify retail spaces to create a new experience while renovations proceed.

Apple Store – Grand Rapids, MI

Apple Store - Grand Rapids, MI

An Apple store in Grand Rapids, MI utilized 65 linear feet with a height of 30 feet of SwiftWall® panels to ensure retail security during renovation. Apple added an aesthetic touch to the construction process by applying a sleek black vinyl graphic on the exterior surface of the panels. Leveraging the building flexibility and height capabilities of the entire storefront, along with the signage, was reserved for a grand unveiling in classic Apple style that elevated the concept of “store coming soon” to a whole new level!

Mercedes Dealership – Columbus, OH

Mercedes Dealership - Columbus, OH

During dealership renovations, it was essential to partition the construction area from the display room. Given the high-end reputation of Mercedes Benz vehicles, it was crucial that the walls aligned with the dealership’s aesthetic. Over 80 linear feet of SwiftWall® panels seamlessly fulfilled this requirement, with an aesthetic fit that also served as a sound and dust barrier during the construction phase.

Kohl’s Nationwide

Kohl’s Nationwide

SwiftWall® Pro was employed to segregate the construction of a Sephora makeup booth within a Kohl’s retail store. SwiftWall® effectively created a barrier to safeguard both construction teams and shopping customers from dust and sound disruptions.

Manufacturing Case Studies

When it comes to manufacturing, physical space is designed to be used specifically as part of the overall process. Renovation and new construction not only limits the physical space, it can also introduce dust and debris that may significantly impact manufacturing, or halt it all together. 

SwiftWall® is proud to offer manufacturers that are undergoing renovation with extremely effective temporary wall systems to ensure that their manufacturing processes need not shut down, or be in danger from unwanted debris and dust.

Azer Scientific

Azer Scientific

At Azer Scientific, 200+ linear feet of SwiftWall® Pro was utilized to establish a packaging staging area for the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines. Under the guidance of a single SwiftWall® technician, three individuals with no prior experience in SwiftWall® installation successfully erected over 200 linear feet in less than nine hours. Clear Panels were incorporated to enhance visibility and transparency, and were particularly beneficial for government officials visiting the warehouse.

Madico Manufacturing

Madico Manufacturing

Madico Manufacturing utilized over 500 linear feet of SwiftWall® panels during a six-phased project. Their primary concern for the project was ease of cleaning. Constructing a conventional wall that would require sawing, sanding, painting, and eventual demolition was not a viable option.

No Matter Your Needs, SwiftWall® Has an Effective Temporary Wall System Solution Ready to Help

All of the most critical facilities of modern life are negatively impacted by renovation and construction without proper planning and materials. For many of the above, shutting down is simply not an option. SwiftWall® temporary wall solutions are an exceptional solution that will allow you to make sure your operations can continue without having to worry about dust and debris, or limiting normal processes.

Contact our experts today to find the ideal temporary wall system to optimize the completion of your project with the best scenario possible!


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