SwiftWall® Solutions acquires McCain Walls®

On December 11, 2020, SwiftWall® Solutions acquired McCain Walls® and McCain Homes®, bringing an expanded product line and customer base for the alternative wall and barrier company.

Based out of Midland, MI, SwiftWall® Solutions has rapidly grown into a leader in the construction industry as a provider of temporary wall solutions. Their primary product is more environmentally friendly, durable, and faster to install versus traditional drywall. McCain Walls, headquartered in Vista, CA, features a sustainable modular product line but expands into structural solutions, permanent walls, modular office systems, decorative panels, and buildings.

“With the inclusion of McCain Walls into the SwiftWall® product line, we have greatly expanded our ability to serve clients with innovative, time-saving solutions for a wide variety of projects,” said Joe Asiala, SwiftWall® Solutions co-founder and CEO. “McCain has built a strong slate of product offerings and is well-known for their service and support. We look forward to continuing to provide value to all clients while expanding our scope.”

Both companies will still operate as separate brands in the beginning phases of the acquisition. Mark Johnston has been named program manager and is responsible for all aspects of the integration of the companies.

All components are manufactured in the United States and include sustainable temporary and permanent solutions for walls, doors, and windows. The product range has been utilized for construction sites, trade shows, temporary offices, and other commercial and industrial applications.

“This is a growing and fast-paced industry,” said Asiala. “We pride ourselves in our ability to provide wall solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to set up drywall, with products that are reusable, more durable, and friendlier for the environment.”

SwiftWall® Solutions is committed to seamlessly integrating the two companies under the SwiftWall® brand, providing the same level of service clients of both companies have come to expect. Visit www.mccainwalls.com and www.swiftwall.com for more information.


Product Inquiries: Mark Johnston, Program Manager, mark@swiftwall.com or 989.279.0191


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