Internship Impact: Fueling SwiftWall Growth and Innovation

MIDLAND, MI, USA, November 15, 2023 / — SwiftWall®, a leading innovator in the construction industry, is delighted to announce the successful completion of two impactful internships during the summer. Jun Lee and J Vaibhav Chandran, MBA students from Texas A&M University, joined the SwiftWall® team and made significant contributions to the company’s operations and growth.

Jun Lee’s Project – Elevating Resource Allocation and Financial Planning

During his internship at SwiftWall®, Jun Lee took on a critical project focused on forecasting and planning. His primary objective was to develop a sophisticated forecasting model to enhance SwiftWall’s resource allocation, financial commitments, and strategic decisions based on the sales pipeline. Leveraging his expertise in data analysis and visualization, Jun used JMP software to create a logistic regression model that achieved remarkable accuracy. He also constructed a supply chain dashboard in Power BI, consolidating data from multiple sources to provide valuable insights into inventory, sales, and replenishment trends.

Jun’s project had a profound impact on SwiftWall’s operations, enabling the company to optimize resource allocation and production scheduling. This, in turn, facilitated efficient cash flow management and enhanced strategic decision-making. Jun’s academic knowledge from pursuing an MBA at Texas A&M University played a pivotal role in his ability to excel in executing this project. His comprehensive business acumen and data analytics skills were instrumental in its success.

Notable accomplishments included Jun’s innovative approach in constructing value chain dashboards from scratch, leveraging advanced tools and code. His dedication and commitment, even working on weekends, were recognized by the team, who unanimously acknowledged the dashboard’s value for future strategic decisions.

Jun Lee highlighted how this experience underscored the importance of data-driven decision-making in a professional context, emphasizing the need to align data with business and sales trends.

J Vaibhav Chandran’s Project – Revolutionizing SwiftWall’s Strategy

Vaibhav played a pivotal role in transitioning SwiftWall’s infrastructure from G-Suite to the Microsoft portfolio, achieving a seamless transfer of account profiles. His academic pursuits in pursuing an MBA from Texas A&M University complemented his hands-on experience, particularly in shaping the project’s strategic planning and facilitating comprehensive market analysis.

This project represents a milestone in SwiftWall’s journey toward establishing a long-term online presence and fostering sustainable growth. By minimizing the need for human intervention and introducing innovative solutions, SwiftWall® aims to revolutionize the customer experience within the construction industry.

Vaibhav Chandran’s significant achievement during his internship was the development of an analytical framework that forms the cornerstone of his project. His contributions aligned perfectly with SwiftWall’s business strategies and customer engagement goals, incorporating customer feedback and data-driven insights to drive success.

SwiftWall® is grateful to have had such dedicated and talented interns this summer, and their contributions have had a lasting impact on the company’s operations and strategic direction.

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