8 Commercial Temporary Wall Ideas for Your Space

8 Commercial Temporary Wall Ideas for Your Space

Temporary walls during construction and renovation projects don’t have to be an eyesore. In fact, modern modular temporary wall systems can provide the foundation for various creative ideas that not only look great but also add value—especially in retail and airport environments.

In this article, we take a look at a few temporary wall ideas that can be used to maintain—or increase—engagement while you complete construction and renovation projects.

Understanding Modern Temporary Wall Systems

Temporary walls are an important part of construction, and especially projects where commerce activity is ongoing. In general, temporary walls are used to contain dust and debris during construction to prevent issues with the ongoing construction as well as to minimize clean-up when the project is complete. The use of temporary walls is even more important when construction is happening in active areas, like in a retail space or in an airport, as they not only contain dust and debris from these areas but also block the sights and sounds of construction.

Traditionally, temporary walls are built with drywall and studs, and torn down and discarded when the construction work is completed. This method involves significant time and labor costs as well as waste. 

To avoid this and enhance construction budgets and timelines while reducing waste, construction managers and contractors rely on modular temporary wall systems.

Temporary wall systems, such as the systems offered by SwiftWall®, are designed to be rapidly installed and reused for multiple projects. Since SwiftWall® temporary walls are manufactured with aesthetic sensibilities, they are advantageous for use in projects where activity is ongoing.

Benefits of Temporary Wall Systems

Speed of Installation: SwiftWall® temporary wall systems install 5x faster than drywall and stud walls for minimal disruption.

Flexibility: Temporary wall systems can be readily reconfigured or relocated as the project completes milestones.

Cost-Effectiveness: Utilizing temporary wall systems lowers labor and material costs as compared to traditional temporary walls, and they can also be reused for future projects.

8 Creative Temporary Wall Ideas for Commercial Spaces

8 Creative Temporary Wall Ideas for Commercial Spaces

As it concerns retail and airport renovations in particular, temporary wall systems offer a fantastic foundation from which to add aesthetically-pleasing displays or even interactive exhibits to enhance the space while it’s being renovated. Here are 8 temporary wall ideas:

1. Custom Vinyl Graphics

An easy way to add a nice aesthetic tough to modular temporary walls is by adding custom graphics. They can be anything from artwork by a contracted local artist to inspiring messaging via quotes. To get the most out of custom graphics, you could use the space on temporary wall systems for marketing that makes you a bit of income. Like a billboard on a highway, graphics could be added with accompanying QR codes to market products, or even the business itself. All of these options are significantly better than a blank wall!

2. Interactive Digital Walls

Another great idea is to equip temporary walls with touchscreens or motion sensors to create an interactive experience for visitors. This could be as simple or as complex as you’d like, but in the growing digital world, the options are countless for reasonable prices and can quickly transform a blank wall cordoning off construction into something entertaining for your guests.

3. Projection Mapping Walls

Similar to an interactive wall, another great idea is to employ a projector to create a dynamic multimedia display. Less costly and complicated than screens and touchscreens, relying on a projector can show anything from videos marketing your products and business, or just something fun for guests to see and create a positive experience for them.

4. Themed Photo Booth Walls

Simple and straightforward, another fun idea is to create a “photo booth” wall for guests to take a picture in. This is a great idea for airports specifically, as many of the guests are traveling from elsewhere and this could be their first opportunity to interact with the destination. 

5. Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard paint is a fun way to add tactile interaction to a temporary wall by allowing guests a blank canvas to draw upon. Specifically in retail and airport scenarios, a chalkboard wall is a great way to give children something fun to do while waiting for a flight or while their parents are shopping.

6. Textured Fabric Walls

Beyond interactivity, temporary walls can be used as blank canvases for simple aesthetic additions. Adding texture and fabric to a temporary wall gives dimension and provides visual interest that can complement your brand and the experience for your guests.

7. LED Light Walls

LED lights are another way to add visual interest and are cheap and easily installed. Lights can be programmed to change colors, create patterns, or even animations that can be used aesthetically and/or for marketing purposes.

8. Modular Plant Walls

Combining modular planters with temporary walls is a great way to rely on nature for aesthetics. Biophilic design, as it’s called, has never gone out of style and is more en vogue than ever. Plants and greenery promote positive emotions and feelings of peace, so adding some to a blank temporary wall is a fantastic way to promote a healthy environment while you complete construction goals.

Rely on the Best Temporary Wall Systems and Get Creative with SwiftWall®

The Best Temporary Wall Systems Get Creative with SwiftWall®

At SwiftWall®, we pride ourselves on our outstanding temporary modular wall systems to contain dust and debris while keeping your business operational during renovations. 

We’ve worked with clients such as Apple, Coach, and Macy’s to create temporary wall systems that serve their utility in construction while also providing a blank canvas for aesthetic, branding, and marketing opportunities.

Call us today to see what SwiftWall® systems can offer your renovation or construction projects!


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