Enhance Office Flexibility with Portable Office Walls

Enhance Office Flexibility with Portable Office Walls

Office flexibility is an important concern, and business leaders realize the need to not only craft an office that promotes a positive atmosphere but also continually work to reach that goal. 

Offices of the past were rigid in their layout because of primitive office atmosphere cultures where employees worked in cubicles.

In the modern office environment, business leaders understand that crafting an open office layout with modular work spaces creates a positive atmosphere that can adapt to changing needs—whether out of aesthetic desire or to meet spatial demands related to growth.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of office flexibility and how utilizing portable office walls can be a substantial tool for a successful office experience and business success.

Understanding Modern Office Philosophies and Methods to Optimize Human Wellbeing (Efficiency)

Over the last few decades, it has become clear that there is a connection between an office’s negative or positive emotional well-being and efficiency and performance.

Some examples include:

Access to Natural Light

Not only does sunlight aid in vitamin D creation, a newly realized extremely important aspect of bodily function and health, it also sets a positive foundation, psychologically. 

Biophilic Design

Similar to natural light, designers have noted that incorporating nature into the office design creates positive emotions. The placement of potted plants and increased windows can have an effect slightly similar to fresh air.


Human beings are social creatures, and this applies to the workplace as well. Benefits to the business as a whole start with providing positive psychological benefits at the individual level, which is readily seen when employees feel that they are a part of a team.

Office Layout

As popularized by the campuses of Google, Apple, and Meta, new age office layouts where employees can choose from a variety of workspaces depending on how they feel that day can be a boon to efficiency. Such layouts could be a pod for an individual to get hard work done for a few hours, or a quiet area with couches where they can meet with a handful of team members and brainstorm. The flexibility exists to match the flexibility of the human mind, by helping employees not only feel better about their career, but also to get the best work from them.

When it comes to layout, few companies have access to deep coffers like the big tech companies of the world. That said, there are absolutely ways that any company can harness the modern office philosophy by employing methods and materials to make a space flexible. This is especially important when the office undergoes renovation to achieve their goals and temporary wall systems are needed to separate the construction from ongoing office activity.

Modern Options for Portable Office Walls 

an image showing modern portable office walls around a group of tables

As part of being flexible, one of the greatest concerns with portable office walls is the ability to erect them quickly and efficiently. For both renovation activity and modulating the office environment, speed counts. SwiftWall® temporary wall systems is an outstanding choice for portable office walls with prefabricated panels that are erected 5x faster than traditional partition systems.

SwiftWall’s flagship product, SwiftWall® Pro, is implemented via a simple track and panel system that features a non-hygroscopic ABS, textured finish on both sides of the wall for an elegant, finished appearance. The surface can readily be used as a canvas to apply graphics to add aesthetics to the office environment, or more functional items like QR codes that lead employees to further information on the network. Manufactured with aluminum joiners makes installation fast while also providing durability and strength all with a lightweight product. A huge bonus for the office environment is an STC21 sound rating that helps to maintain optimal acoustics.

For office environments with variable ceiling heights, SwiftWall® Flex is a great option with all of the benefits of SwiftWall® Pro that offers a sliding, adjustable height top panel—up to 2.75 ft. of adjustment on standard height panels (starting at 7.5, 10, and 12 ft. high). Even with this capability, SwiftWall® Flex can be easily disassembled and reconfigured per changing office needs.

Enhance Your Office Flexibility with SwiftWall® Temporary Walls

It’s best to stay nimble when it comes to office layout, and the right temporary walls can make all of the difference. SwiftWall® temporary wall systems are engineered to be strong, durable, and reusable to help your office during renovations and towards goals of modularity. 

Contact our experts today to see how our systems might fit into your office goals and help optimize your layout and workflow to continue to grow your business.


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