SwiftWall® in Educational Environments: Adaptable Solutions for Schools

Education is one of the great pillars of a successful modern society, which means that the physical environment needs to efficiently house the educational process and adapt to changes when needed.

Easily said and challenging to do, the school system faces a record number of students of differing backgrounds and skills while also enduring budgetary constraints in an ever-changing economic environment.

As a result, school districts always look to expand facilities and buildings, but such ambitious (and costly) projects take time, which schools often don’t have.

The best solution involves staying within your budget and finding an option that allows you to expand and easily change the educational environment, rather than pursue an expensive project.

In this article, we will introduce the temporary wall systems that are available from SwiftWall®, and we’ll explain how the convenience of modular partitions can be a huge benefit to educational environments that will help them optimize their educational standards and goals.

Understanding the Usefulness of Modern Partition Wall Systems

Modern temporary modular wall systems from SwiftWall® are the perfect solution for maximizing space within school buildings for many useful purposes.


Far more than just partitions, SwiftWall® wall systems install 5x faster than traditional temporary walls and are actually much lighter. (They can even be installed by a single staff member).


In addition, SwiftWall® systems like SwiftWall® Pro modular wall system have an STC 21 sound rating to significantly reduce sound transmission—a huge benefit within the school environment, especially when separating one large room into multiple smaller classrooms. 

Fire Protection

With a Class C flame spread rating with optional Class A aluminum skins, administrators can be confident when it comes to safety. Window and door panels are available to truly create a sense of a classroom instead of just a confined box. Not to mention, graphics, posters, and other imagery can be to make the space more inviting and functional for teaching purposes.


Finding a wall that is able to match different ceilings heights can also be difficult. However, SwiftWall® Flex is a great option with adjustable height top panels.

5 Examples of Modular Wall System Uses in Schools

With SwiftWall® temporary wall systems, administrators have an incredible number of ways to rearrange the school environment to improve learning as well as increasing interaction and unique experiences. 

Here are just a few:

1. Create Multiple Classrooms from One

SwiftWall® temporary wall systems beings used to create multiple classrooms

One huge capability boost for schools is the ability to use large rooms for multiple classrooms in order to optimize the available space. SwiftWall® systems, with their STC21 sound rating, allows administrators to create multiple classrooms within one space that won’t distract one another.  Separating the spaces like the image above is also another great way to create differentiated teaching groups and apply effective co-teaching strategies.

2. Partition Gymnasiums into Exhibit Halls

Everyone loves a great science or craft fair, and SwiftWall® temporary wall systems are the perfect way to turn a gymnasium into a high-end exhibit hall. 

In a short amount of time with limited labor, SwiftWall® systems can be set up conveniently to create booths for students to showcase their work, with the walls easily broken down and stacked when the event has ended.

3. Creative Art Installations

The legendary fashion-house Coach provided us with a fantastic idea for temporary wall systems by erecting “art” installations that showcased their fall line.

This would be a great resource for science and art teachers to create an experience in the school that would push their students to not only creatively design the array but also feature their projects for the rest of the school to see and be inspired by.

4. Cordon Off Renovation Areas to Maintain the Educational Environment

Use adaptable wall solutions for schools to block of renovations

The classic use of temporary wall systems is to control dust and debris generated during construction activities. This is even more important in schools during renovation projects where educational activity needs to be the focus while the school is open. SwiftWall temporary wall systems are crafted specifically for this use and are highly effective at keeping construction dust at bay, as well as distracting sounds and visuals, too.

5. Turn Staff Break Rooms into Mini Rooms of Solace

There’s no doubt that teachers and school staff can benefit from community and camaraderie, but their job isn’t easy and sometimes taking a break is best done alone.

Utilizing SwiftWall® wall systems to partition large breakrooms into multiple rooms gives school administrators more options for improving the well-being of their teachers and staff, which directly affects the health, well-being, and education of their students.

Optimize the Educational Environment with Temporary Wall Systems from SwiftWall®

Our future generations deserve every resource possible along their educational journey to become bright and well-rounded citizens. Temporary wall systems from SwiftWall® give school administrators a powerful multitool to get the maximum use from their buildings, as well as the ability to create numerous installations to bolster learning and creativity. 

Contact our experts today to learn more about the benefits of SwiftWall® temporary wall systems and how they can be used to give your students, teachers, and staff an imaginative and highly useful new tool!


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