Modular Precast and Temporary Walls for Booming Construction in Florida

Modular Precast and Temporary Walls for Booming Construction in Florida

Florida is undergoing a massive growth in population as well as a booming business environment. To fuel the surge, construction and renovation operations are underway and hard pressed to keep up with the demand. 

In turn, this means optimized and streamlined construction and renovation processes are needed to get businesses up and running quickly. In this article, we will discuss how to optimize construction and renovation—and save time and money—in Florida by using modular precast systems and temporary walls.

Avoid Operational Downturns During the Construction Process

In all regions, there is a need for both the new construction of businesses and renovations of older ones. Depending on the circumstances, constructing a new building may be the best option rather than renovating a former space. However, both options come with their own advantages and disadvantages, though they both have something in common. Throughout the construction or renovation process, onlookers may notice an unused, slightly dilapidated space in the making.

Let’s analyze the two different options and explore how temporary precast wall systems can significantly benefit both.

New Construction Concerns

New construction takes time and money, clearly. The latter isn’t as important as it is an investment that will theoretically be recouped and earn money in the long run. Time, however, is the limiting factor for when the investment can begin returning results. 

Optimizing construction to limit the time required is desired in a burgeoning environment where people and their capital are ready now. One area of on-site optimization that can significantly reduce timelines involves dust and debris control. Traditionally, this involves constructing temporary walls and barriers out of studs and drywall. Although somewhat adept at containing dust and debris, more dust and debris is added to the system to construct temporary walls that will have to be deconstructed and disposed of eventually. This costs both time and labor.

Renovation Concerns

When it comes to renovation, time and capital expenditure are important. Businesses need to get the renovations completed as quickly as possible while spending as little as possible. Additionally, if some level of operations can continue during the process, this allows for capital expenditure to be reduced—maybe severely—among other benefits to a business or brand that can “keep going” while portions of its physical location are renovated. 

As with new construction, limiting dust and debris during renovation reduces the need for clean-up operations (labor dollars and time) as well as keeping the operational sector clean for open business.

Utilizing Temporary Wall Systems to Optimize New Construction and Renovation

Temporary walls and partitions provide significant advantages over traditional temporary drywall and stud walls, especially in dynamic construction environments like those in Florida.

The key benefits include:

  • Speed of Installation: Installs 5x faster than drywall and stud walls for minimal disruption to ongoing operations in places like retail stores and airports
  • Flexibility: Can be easily reconfigured or relocated to suit changing needs which is crucial advantage in evolving spaces such as shopping malls
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Lower labor and material costs compared to traditional construction, for budget-conscious projects in hospitals and laboratories
  • Minimal Impact: Leaves little to no impact on existing structures in order to preserve the integrity of the space while also providing necessary partitioning

Applications for Temporary Walls and Modular Precast Systems in Florida


Moduluar precast system in Florida airport

In the bustling airports of Florida, temporary wall systems play a critical role in ensuring the proper movement and safety of passengers within and near construction and renovation zones. Perhaps more than any other application, efficiency in airports is critical to operations as well as enhancing the overall traveler experience during periods of upgrades or expansions.


Modular precast system in a retail store

Growing populations mean a ripe retail sector, and businesses need to stay light on their feet and operationally intact during renovations in order to meet the demand. 

Temporary wall partitions are excellent at separating areas during store remodels, and can be used to create pop-up shops in larger spaces. They offer retailers the flexibility to change layouts quickly and keep part of the store open while work is being done.


Healthcare office using a modular precast system as a divider

In addition to the critical need to keep operations running, safety and privacy are crucial in the healthcare sector. Temporary wall systems provide isolated areas for sensitive work or patient care in order to help ensure a clean and controlled environment. They’re especially useful for creating temporary labs or quarantine zones. In particular, Infection 

Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), is a systematic approach used in healthcare construction to prevent the spread of infections. It becomes mandatory in scenarios where construction, remodeling, or maintenance activities might create dust or alter environmental conditions that raise the potential for health risks and infection spread.


Educational facility using a modular precast system as a temporary wall in Florida

Growing populations need the services provided by educational facilities more than ever.  

Relying on temporary wall systems can serve many purposes in education to meet the growing demand. They can create temporary classrooms during renovations or expansions for minimal disruption to students’ learning experience. They can also facilitate layout changes for special events, examinations, and administrative operations.


warehouse using a temporary wall system as space dividers

Warehouses are even more critical to the modern, logistics-optimized economy than ever before, and no more so than in regions experiencing heavy growth like Florida. Temporary wall systems can play a massively impactful role to meet warehouse demands. They can delineate separate areas for different types of inventory to create a more efficient workflow, offer co-warehousing opportunities, and, during expansions or renovations, can allow for continued operations to help ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain.

Event Spaces

Florida is no stranger to events of all types with its great, year-round weather and beautiful scenery.  More people and a subsequent strengthening economy means more events. The ability to quickly and efficiently divide large spaces into smaller, more manageable areas can be invaluable for organizers. For example, partitions can be used to create exhibition spaces, VIP zones, or food service areas. 

The Best Temporary Wall Systems: SwiftWall®

SwiftWall® Pro

The Best Temporary Wall Systems: SwiftWall®

SwiftWall® Pro is the flagship product offered by SwiftWall®, known for its fast installation – five times faster than traditional drywall and studs. The lightweight design with aluminum joiners makes it versatile and durable. It can be used in various environments, including those with HVAC systems. With an STC 21 sound rating and reusability, SwiftWall® Pro is highly customizable and widely used in temporary partition solutions.

SwiftWall® Flex

SwiftWall® Flex

SwiftWall® Flex is designed for spaces with varying ceiling heights. It features adjustable height panels that slide up and down effortlessly, without the need for a track or C channel. With a five times faster installation than drywall, it holds Class A and C flame spread ratings. Made from the same material as SwiftWall® Pro, Flex provides an airtight seal from ceiling to floor that makes it perfect for hospitals and negative-pressure rooms that require environmental control. Its adaptable design ensures both functionality and an appealing wall appearance.

SwiftWall® Max

SwiftWall® Max

SwiftWall® Max is a robust and multifunctional modular wall system that delivers impressive durability well-suited for load-bearing and wind-bearing applications. Interlocking modular panels add structural integrity and panels can be stacked up to 30 feet high.

SwiftWall® Lite

SwiftWall® Lite

SwiftWall® Lite is an economical option that is compatible with SwiftWall® Pro. It shares the quick installation feature, is extremely lightweight, and is suitable for multiple reuses. The Lite version is ideal for projects where cost and efficiency are key concerns.

Optimize Your Florida Construction and Renovation with SwiftWall® Modular Precast Systems and Temporary Walls

Dust and debris control can and will save your project both time and money. In the explosive economic environment of Florida, SwiftWall® temporary wall systems will convince you to leave traditional temporary measures in the past and embrace an optimized solution that installs quickly, provides durability, and is reusable.

To discover which SwiftWall® system would be ideal for your project, reach out to our team of experts today!


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