SwiftWall has developed a reusable, modular panel system that creates clean, aesthetically pleasing temporary barrier wall. The system is composed of wall panels that joint together using a proprietary interconnect geometry to ensure a flush surface and secured by top and bottom channel tracks. The panels assemble in a fraction of the time of a metal stud and drywall barrier (MSDW) and form a dust and access barrier for commercial remodeling and build-out projects. Because the system employs reusable sandwich panels, there is no drywall or construction dust created by the assembly or destruction of a traditional MSDW barrier. Standard panel sizes are four (4) feet wide and either four (4), eight (8), ten (10), twelve (12), or sixteen (16) feet high (1.2 meter by 1.2, 2.4, 3, 3.6, or 4.8 meters high).

Key benefits of using a SwiftWall system include:

Faster installation and removal time

• Save installation labor costs and begin the main construction process sooner than a traditional MSDW barrier.
• Avoid labor costs and time associated with temporary barrier removal allowing for faster construction completion.

Less dust – no drywall dust from finishing wall during installation and no dust or debris created by removal.

• Saves HVAC and general cleanup costs
• Less dust from the temporary wall also improves worker safety
• Reduces liability and costs created by having to replace merchandise of adjacent stores damaged by dust created when barrier walls are installed or removed

Save disposal fees – since the system is 100% reusable, dumpster and landfill fees normally associated with the destruction of a MSDW barrier are eliminated

Reposition and configure walls more efficiently

• SWS’s system allows for simple repositioning of barrier walls or reconfigure the walls through various phases of the project
• No need to destroy and completely rebuild additional MSDW barriers as the project moves through construction phases

Reduce your construction project’s environmental impact

• Every 700 square feet of MSDW barrier walls results in approximately 1 ton of landfill debris
• By employing a reusable system, it eliminates the energy, transportation, and other costs associated with drywall, studs, mud, and paint manufacturing

Eliminate storage and warehousing costs

• Rental and short-term lease business models eliminate the need to purchase, store, maintain, and clean other temporary barrier systems.
• Free up space in the yard or warehouse with our streamlined solution.