A company needed for their college university project a level 5 drywall finished for a long series of corridors, rooms and offices. They needed them built fast with minimal: mess, waste, disruption and cost.

SwiftWall Temporary Rooms at Oakland Univserity

Scope of Project

Over 1000 linear feet of temporary wall to be constructed in segments of 8 feet, 12 feet and 16 feet heights. Every inch of the wall (according to drywall standards) has a level 5 finish that is non-hyposcopic, which means it does not absorb water or hold bacteria.

Speed and Time

The series of walls were complete in under 24 hours with a team of 4 installers. The system was the first install for this set of workers as well. We find that on average a 12-foot-high wall can be installed with 2 workers in under 2 minutes per linear foot.


The lower level where 500 linear feet of wall was installed FLOODED. The conventional use of drywall would have called for the demolition and repair of the wall. With our system the timely and costly situation was diverted. Our panel were unassembled wiped off and replaced within hours.

“We saved over four weeks in unnecessary downtime due to the installation speed of the Swiftwall system. Minimum of two weeks on the initial install and another two weeks after the lower level flooded.”